One of the biggest hiring challenges companies face is offering what it takes to attract highly talented professionals who will stick around. Of course, everyone wants a good salary and benefits package. But convincing the best candidates in the industry to join your team means understanding what it takes to be competitive as an employer.


If you’re looking for ways to bring in high-quality engineering and technical industry candidates, our recruiting experts at One Tech Engineering can help. The recruitingagency professionals put together this post to outline some of the top things employees are looking for when they look for employment.


1.      Job Flexibility

For younger generations, in particular, achieving a good work-life balance can be as important or even more important than the dollar sign on a paycheck. Key to maintaining that work-life balance is a flexible schedule. The most competitive companies are offering opportunities for telecommuting, flexible hours, and expanded opportunities for PTO.


The payoff is clear; employees with greater workplace flexibility experience lower stress levels and higher productivity. That also means they’re less likely to burn out, reducing the high cost of employee turnover.


2.      Purposeful Employment

Gone are the days of employees who are satisfied merely being a cog in a machine. In today’s competitive work environment, employees need to feel fulfilled in their line of work. Especially among Millennials, today’s most qualified candidates like to feel they are a part of something greater than themselves and contributing to society.


Workers who feel fulfilled are more likely to commit to their organization in the long-term and demonstrate increased productivity. To offer your employees greater workplace fulfillment, it’s important to have a strong vision and mission statement, demonstrating your organization’s big picture. Hire employees whose values match your organization’s, encourage a culture of mutual support, and make sure your team feels respected and valued.


3.      A Healthier Workplace

Today’s top candidates understand the value of managing healthy lifestyle habits while they’re at home and work. Central to this need is employer acknowledgment of their overall health and policies that support their overall well-being.


This includes financial wellness, an emotionally positive environment, and a commitment to helping employees stay physically healthy. Employers are meeting these needs by offering year-round wellness initiatives including employer-sponsored health screenings, mental health days, onsite gyms, and even meditation opportunities.


Minnesota Engineering and Technical Recruiting Services

If you’re tired of high turnover and employee burnout, one of the best things you can do is reframe your perceptions about hiring. Instead of simply trying to get a highly qualified employee, create a culture of employee offerings that draw the best in the business to your team.


At One Tech in Minnesota, our engineering recruiting services can help you sort through stacks of engineers, designers, and construction professionals to find the best candidates. We match top tier candidates that fit with your company’s culture and vision. To learn more about One Tech’s engineering recruiting services, call our recruiters at 952.884.9199, or contact us to discuss what your organization has to offer.