When you’re in the process of looking for work, there’s plenty to think about. One of the first steps many technical or engineering professionals will take when they’re getting ready to step out into the field and look for employment is updating their resumes.


Whether you’re looking to gain experience, or you’re in search of a career where you can put down roots, you need a strong resume to get your foot in the door. You can be the most talented engineering professional in your field, but if your resume fails to reflect what potential employers are looking for, you’ll never get called.


At One Tech Engineering, our Minnesota technical recruiting agency professionals specialize in connecting highly skilled professionals with companies where they can grow. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the things you need to consider when preparing your resume so you can find a position that’s right for you.


A Changing Professional Landscape

Today’s job market and professional landscape have changed dramatically from the workforce of yesterday. In the past, employees in most fields typically sought to find work with a single company where they could grow through the years. After a couple of decades, they’d begin looking toward retirement. A strong salary and benefits package were the biggest goals of most American workers.


But owing to demographics changes, economic shifts, and technological innovations, the way we work has changed dramatically. Millions of American workers struggle to adapt as jobs are replaced with new positions, automation continues to grow, and workers expect to work longer than ever before.


Here are a few ways your resume can adapt to this changing landscape:


1.      Anticipate human and artificial resume readers.

Despite the fact that unemployment is low and jobs continue to be available in every field, technological innovations mean employers are often inundated with applicants. To meet this need, many are utilizing resume screening software to help sort through their potential candidates.


Your resume should reflect this by emphasizing certain keywords. It should also remain succinct and effective to connect with the human readers who will view it.


2.      Don’t try to hide career gaps.

In the past, breaks in your professional career were far less common and often seen as a red flag for potential employers. However, in today’s shifting professional landscape, these types of breaks in employment are far more common than ever before. Emphasize your overall growth as an engineering professional rather than trying to hide these gaps.


3.      Focus on personalization.

In a world where automation is becoming a strategic part of many operations, most employers are starting to prioritize human interactions and individuals that fit well with their company culture. Your resume should share your professional motivations and passions. You should also connect your cover letter and resume to well-curated social media accounts and LinkedIn profile to set yourself apart.


4.      Emphasize your skills.

Not only are skill-related keywords fundamental to cutting through recruiting algorithms. They also demonstrate your ability to adapt and change in response to technology and professional shifts. Be sure to highlight your existing skills and also demonstrate your ability to learn new ones.


Engineering Staffing Minnesota

If you’re ready to move into a career where you can grow and spread your wings, you need a good resume to get in the door. At One Tech in Minnesota, our engineering recruiters specialize in connecting engineers, designers, construction professionals, and technical workers to great organizations.


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