Information Technology continues to transform many industries -- including staffing-related organizations. New technology is being used to produce better servicing and more options throughout staffing companies worldwide.

Big Data Mining and Online Databases

Today's staffing agencies can manage tremendously large databases of prospective employees and positions. By mining this information, the staffing agency can ensure that the right staff members are selected for the right projects. Data mining affords a tremendous opportunity: the ability to use analysis on large sets of data to find the solutions that are most likely to be productive. Though databases have been used in the past, new technology has made it easier to bring in large amounts of data into the database at once. For instance, software today can scan a resume, pick out applicable skills, and then tag an employee with those relevant skills.

Access to a Global Workforce

Companies today don't always need local workers. Some companies are interested in procuring the best available talent at the most reasonable rates by outsourcing abroad. Staffing companies today can offer a link to a global workforce through their online services. Many companies are also able to track the productivity of these staff members when they have been leased or employed on a temporary basis, through time-tracking programs. This ensures that the company is getting the most value that they can.

Payroll and Time-Tracking Solutions

Staffing companies don't just offer recruitment services -- they also offer leased employees. Increasingly, many companies are turning to leased employees to streamline payroll and avoid unnecessary complications. Employee leasing has been made much easier through automated payroll and time-tracking solutions. Recruitment services are able to manage all of the actual financial aspects of the employee service for the employer, allowing the organization to focus on building revenue.

Better, Broader Pools of Candidates

Through online outreach, staffing companies are able to find larger pools of local candidates. The process of signing up for a staffing agency is easier than ever, with a significant amount of training and information being delivered through online web portals. Staffing companies today reach out through online classifieds and job search websites. By putting information about employment in the candidate's hands, staffing agencies can empower their employees to be more motivated and driven.

The better the technology, the better the service. Employment and recruitment companies today can ensure better, faster services for their clientele, by pulling from an immense assortment of resources.