How to find the right Staffing Agency
Businesses work with staffing agencies for many reasons. Perhaps the HR department or ownership don’t have the time to find the right candidates. Whatever the reason, you are paying your agency a fee, and you expect results. Here are some tips on how to maximize using a staffing agency.

Stick With One Agency Per Position
This is key. You might think that by working with multiple agencies that you’ll get more recruits with greater potential. This is not true. In fact, it dilutes your efforts as it can create confusion among you, your staff, the agencies, and job candidates who are listed with multiple agencies. If you feel you need to work with multiple agencies, you’ll be better served if you select one agency for each open position.

Be Clear
Without all the necessary information, a staffing agency will be hard pressed to find the perfect candidate for your opening. Be clear in your posting, and include information such as complete skill sets, as well as insight into the type of person who fits in best with your company. Personalities matter. If you have an outgoing team, a shy bookworm might not be the best fit.

Make Sure the Hiring Manager is Available
The staffing agency acts as an extension of your hiring manager or HR representative. Make sure there are direct, open lines of communication between the your staff and your agency. This will ensure that there is nothing lost in the translation, so you get the right candidate the first time.

Timely Responses
Don’t leave anyone in the lurch. In a competitive job market teeming with candidates who are looking for a position right now, a slow response could mean losing your preferred candidate. Make sure you keep your agency abreast of any organizations changes that might affect hiring. This way you and your agency can always be on the same page - leading to mutual success.