If you are in charge of hiring for an engineering, technical, or construction organization, you know the challenges of finding exactly the right recruits for the job. You take a gamble on someone based on their resume and your screening process and invest time and money into their training only to find out they aren’t a great fit for your company.


Using a recruiting firm is one of the best ways to find a great match in the current job climate. At OneTech Engineering in Minnesota, we can match your organization to the best candidates for the job and help you find great employees you can count on. Read on to learn more about how recruiting works to help you attract the top talent.


Targeted Engineering Recruiting Services

At OneTech, we offer targeted recruiting to help our clients find the perfect match for the job they are looking to hire. Because we specialize in recruiting the top talent, we have expertise at working through all of those resumes to find the best fit for your company. We understand that a great employee can work well in one organization but not be a great fit for another. With our three hiring options, we can help match your company with the best employees for the job.


We offer three types of employment options:

●        Direct

●        Contract-to-Direct

●        Contract


Save Time

Searching through resumes and cover letters is cumbersome enough, but then undergoing the often lengthy interviewing process can be incredibly time-consuming. Too often, you find yourself conducting a great number of interviews but still have trouble finding the best person for the job. At OneTech, we do the hiring for you so you can focus on the important needs of your organization.


Save Money

Hiring a bad fit can be an incredibly costly endeavor. Consider the financial resources it takes to invest a new employee’s training and hiring process. We help you connect with the top talent in your field so that you don’t have to lose money on a bad match. Because we attract the top talent in the engineering and technical fields, we already have great resources to choose from and simply need to find the perfect match for you.


Minnesota Technical and Engineering Recruiters

If you are ready to quit sifting through stacks of “maybes” and let our recruitment experts at OneTech Engineering give you a list of “yeses,” we can help. We offer recruiting for a wide range of engineering and technical organizations, including mechanical engineering recruiting, technical drafting jobs and recruiting, and structural engineering recruiting. To learn more about how we can help your organization, talk to our engineering and recruiting experts at 952.884.9199, or contact us to find out more about our services and team.